Planning and Budgeting For an Extended Vacation
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Planning and Budgeting For an Extended Vacation

Life Stages Blog Post Six

Trips tend to look a little bit different once the kids are out of the equation. While family vacations were probably once like the plotline of a National Lampoon’s Vacation, you’re now able to breathe a sigh of relief as you and your spouse can finally enjoy some well-deserved couple’s time. Indeed, as empty nesters, you’re now able to finally take that multi-week trip across the world to your desired destination.

Helping You Successfully Vacation

From the beauty of the Alps in Switzerland to the tropical bliss that is the Bahamas, everyone has a different picture of the ideal vacation. Whether you want to experience different cultures, enjoy unique weather patterns, or simply get out of your hometown, there’s no better time to travel than as empty nesters. Better yet, our team of Bankers at Commerce Bank of Wyoming are here to make sure that your travel plans go without a hitch, particularly on the financial side of matters.

Budgeting the Trip of a Lifetime

Naturally, there are many considerations that factor into planning an extended vacation. Budgeting, an essential aspect of solidifying travel plans, is made easier when you work with Commerce Bank of Wyoming. We’re here to help grow and support the wellbeing of Rock Springs, but should you desire to travel wherever your heart takes you, we’ll help make sure that all of your financial ducks are in a row!

Let’s continue with the next installment of our blog series about financial planning and managing your money in light of life’s major milestones. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact our Community Bank if you have any questions.

Let Us Know Where You’re Going and How Long You’ll Be Gone

Don’t worry; we promise that we’re not just being nosy. It’s true that we’re genuinely curious about your upcoming trip, but knowing where you’ll be and for how long you intend on being in a certain location is useful from a security standpoint.

Prior to departure, make sure that you’re set on what debit or credit cards you’ll be using for all of your trip purchases. Specifically, we mean things that you’ll be buying overseas: food, beverages, souvenirs, and so forth. Then, reach out to your credit card company and fill them in on the details of your trip and what you (roughly) intend on purchasing. This way, your account activity won’t come across as suspicious, fraudulent, or simply unexpected from their perspective.

Protect Yourself From Thievery or Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing never went out of style, and it’s still common practice for sneaky thieves to prey upon unknowing tourists. While picketing is preventable with items like traveler’s wallets that go underneath your clothing, there’s more that you can do to protect yourself beforehand.

Keep a running inventory of what’s in your wallet or purse prior to your departure. That way, in case anything is missing, you’ll know exactly what it is. Another smart move is to store some extra cash or even backup credit cards inside of a hotel safe. Going even further, leave a card at home so that it’s guaranteed safe and there for you no matter what when you return home from your travels. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Take Care of Any Foreign Currency Exchanges Beforehand

Don’t land in another country only to realize that you only have Federal Reserve Notes on your person. Fly with the peace of mind that you’ve already made your necessary currency transactions, eliminating a potential stressor when you’ve landed and realized that you need to book it straight to the airport’s currency exchange area.

Budget Heavy and Protect Yourself With a Travel Insurance Policy

Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry. That means accounting for more money than you realistically anticipate on spending during your trip as well as looking into various insurance policies that cover things like canceled flights, stolen belongings, and other unwanted and unforeseen inconveniences.

Leverage Your Financial Experts at Commerce Bank of Wyoming

Throughout all stages of life, we’re here for you. From saving for your child’s college education to helping you budget the vacation of a lifetime, the team at our Community Bank is here to serve you and your family. Get started today!

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