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Giving Back

Commerce Bank of Wyoming prides itself on community involvement through sponsorship and volunteerism. That's why we always try to approach things from a community minded point of view. When something is in the best interest of the communities we serve, it's good for us as well.

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Community Requests

Can we help your organization out with a donation? Would you like us to join you with our grill at your next event? Submit your request below! Please provide as much detail as possible and attach any support documents such as event flyers, sponsorship forms, etc. Please allow three to six weeks for Commerce Bank of Wyoming to process your request. For more information or questions regarding your request, please Contact Us

My Fair Share

Each year, our employees nominate various organizations in our community to be the recipients of monetary donations contributed by the Bank employees. The “My Fair Share” program allows employees to decide what percentage of their contribution will directly benefit each organization. Approximately $161,000 has been donated over the last decade across the communities we serve, since the program's inception.

Upcoming Events

Keep up with our schedule by checking out our upcoming calendar of events! We’d love to have you stop by and see us on location!

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