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Debit Card with FraudWatch PLUS Protection

The Debit Card looks like a credit card, but is actually a check substitute. You can make purchases and the amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your checking account.

Commerce Bank of Wyoming participates with MoneyPass, providing customers with access to over 32,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. Click here to locate MoneyPass ATMs. Foreign fees may still apply.

Your Debit Card also comes with round-the-clock protection against the increasingly savvy perpetrators of card fraud. The cards we issue are protected by FraudWatch PLUS. You can find security knowing that experienced fraud analysts are working around the clock, watching for any suspicious card activity and will contact you immediately if they detect potential fraud on your card.

Important Phone Numbers:

  • For lost or stolen debit cards outside of normal business hours: 1-800-264-5578
  • During regular business hours contact  your local Commerce Bank of Wyoming at 307-362-4455
  • To respond to a call from Fraud Prevention Services or notify us of out of state or unusual transactions that you want authorized, call FraudWatch PLUS Customer Service at 1-866-842-5208
  • If you are traveling outside the US call Fraud Prevention Services collect at 1-412-552-2697 or to report a lost or stolen card call HotCarding Services collect at 1-412-552-2698

Important Details to Remember:

  • We must have your current phone on file so you can be reached by Fraud Prevention Services in the event that suspicious or out of the ordinary card activity is recognized on your account.
  • Traveling internationally or outside your normal geographic area? Notify us or Fraud Prevention Services first so we can make sure your card is working for you while you travel.
  • If you ever get a call from "Fraud Prevention Services," know that they are doing their job to prevent potential fraudulent use of your debit card.
  • Fraud Prevention Services will ONLY ask for the last four digits of your social security number. They will NEVER ask for the following information:
    • Full card number
    • Expiration date on your card
    • Card’s PIN number
    • CVC code on the back of your card
    • Full social security number
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