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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are eStatements?

eStatements are a paperless way to receive your statement(s) by using your Online Banking account to view them after receiving notification via e-mail that the statement(s) are ready for viewing.

What does it cost for eStatements?

eStatements are offered as a free service.

How do I enroll for eStatements?

If you are already an Online Banking user, simply log into your Online Banking account and click on PROFILE in the upper right hand corner. Once the page loads, click on "Edit" located next to 'Electronic Statements'. Select eStatements and accept the electronic statements terms and conditions. 

How do I print my eStatement?

To print your eStatement, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Once it is installed, your statement will load into Adobe Reader, where you will be able to print the statement by clicking the printer icon.

How do I save my eStatement to my computer?

Once your statement loads into Adobe Reader, click on 'File' in the menu options, and select 'Save a Copy'. It will then ask you for a location and file name to save a copy of your statement.

How far back can I retrieve a statement?

You can retrieve statement for up to 32 months.

How do I enroll in eStatements if I am using BizConnect?

You will need to contact a bank representative and complete an enrollment form to enroll in eStatements for your business. Click here to download and print an enrollment form.

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