Our Journey to One Million Steps
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Our Journey to One Million Steps

Once again we are stepping up in a Comm(unity) Minded “Race to a Million”

Our Journey to One Million Steps

It’s that time again for CBWY’s annual “Race to a Million”.  Last year “Race to a Million” started as a wellness initiative, and quickly became a way to use our competitive nature here at CBWY for a good cause.  Our race has been transformed to something bigger and better: a community-minded well-being program.

For the next 90 days CBWY teams of three will be lacing up their walking shoes and putting their best feet forward and race to be the first team to reach one million steps.  The first team to reach a million steps will win bragging rights, and a total of $750 for the team to donate to the nonprofit of their choice.  That $250 for each team member! 

Each participant will submit their weekly step count, and the teams’ “score” will be their collective average of steps taken (e.g. If Person A walks 35,000 steps, Person B 40,000 and Person C 45,000 in a week, the team’s score for the week would be 40,000.)

In case you were wondering, by taking one million steps we’ll travel right around 500 miles with most of us staying right here in town! Needless to say, we will be taking the scenic route everywhere.  Last year the winning team walked circles around everyone and dominated the entire race!  They donated to, RDAP, Paws-itive Partners, and the Red Desert Humane Society.

We’re excited to see which team will win this year’s race—and which organizations we can impact. Follow our employees’ journey to one million steps on social media via #CBWYRaceToAMillion or by following the Commerce Bank of Wyoming Facebook page. Check back here each week to see how the competition stacks up and which team is stepping up the most!

To see more about our community involvement visit our Giving Back page.

Week 9 Results

Rank Steps Team Members    
1 1,015,098 Annette Beall Amber Hoban Evonne Keck
2 1,009,844 Lisa Russell KyAnn Kreutzer Megan Meyers
3 942,528 Amy Wolfskill Vangie Harris Jim Smith
4 933,302 Crista Murrish Melissa Saathoff Erin Brown
5 906,416 Ashley Lambert Amy Blake Chantel Burch
6 923,811 Hans Julius Carol Pelster Holly Johnson
7 905,029 Russell Tappy Sandy Ross Kris Pearson
8 893,414 Cathi Wentink Carman Willard Ty Lucas
9 895,973 Amy Jay Aleyse Schroder Barb Barr
10 695,997 Summer Carsten Wendy Merritt Rebekah Smith
11 751,266 JD Race Marina Campbell Tyler Dowling
12 764,648 Kendal Dodge Tiffany Kindel Kelsey Daily
13 760,013 Danielle Remus Brandi Austin Nancy Durr
14 675,939 Kim Schroll Lori Berglund Jeff Killpack


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