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Planning and Budgeting For an Extended Vacation

From the beauty of the Alps in Switzerland to the tropical bliss that is the Bahamas, everyone has a different picture of the ideal vacation. Whether you want to experience different cultures, enjoy unique weather patterns, or simply get out of your hometown, there’s no better time to travel than as empty nesters. Better yet, our team of Bankers at Commerce Bank of Wyoming are here to make sure that your travel plans go without a hitch, particularly on the financial side of matters.

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Planning and Saving to Send Your Kids to College

It’s not always easy to financially account for your kid’s college education, and that’s why the friendly team at Commerce Bank of Wyoming is here to help. Your money matters are, quite literally, our business, and we’re more than prepared to help you with the financial ins and outs of your life. It’s all part of our dedication to the financial well-being of the Rock Springs community! Read on as we continue our multi-part blog series on navigating the finances of major life milestones.

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Consider Your Financial Situation When Starting A Family

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” handbook when it comes to parenting or starting a family. As nice as it would be to have all of the instructions laid out in front of you, the reality is that parenting is a learned experience over time characterized by mistakes, successes, laughter, tears, growth, and overwhelming pride. In this blog post we'll help you identify and troubleshoot the financial planning aspect of raising a family. After all, everyone knows that having children is not a cheap affair!

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Taking a Look at the Financial Ins and Outs of Planning of a Wedding

Commerce Bank of Wyoming is here to help you navigate the financial aspects of planning a wedding and following up with a honeymoon trip. We’re continuing our multi-part blog series about financial planning throughout various milestones of life, and today’s post concerns marriage. While marriage isn’t for everyone and it’s not necessary to have a full-blown ceremony and reception, many people do get married, and our Community Bank genuinely hopes that you’ll find the following information to be helpful.

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