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Your mortgage can help you reach your NEXT big goals.

Financial situations and life goals are bound to change. Maybe your mortgage should too. Scheduling a mortgage checkup with one of our home loan experts is a great way to ensure you’re on the right track. Finances can improve over time with a new job, promotion, or a return on an investment. Life-altering changes also influence your economic situation. Whether that change was getting married, welcoming a new baby or becoming an empty nester, having our team of home loan experts reassess the state of your finances will ensure that your mortgage is helping you with what’s NEXT in your life.

What is discussed at a Mortgage Checkup meeting?

Our Mortgage Checkup is designed to review your current mortgage. Our team will look to ensure that your loan’s present-day structure is working for you. In order to help you reach your current financial goals our home loan expert may ask you some questions about the following topics:

  • Interest Rates: Interest rates are in a constant state of fluctuation, during the checkup our home loan expert will look at your current interest rate and term. The rate you initially signed on for may not be the best one for you, depending on your current financial situation. If that’s the case, our team may tell you to consider refinancing your loan.
  • Mortgage Payments: If you are making more money now than when you first submitted your mortgage application, you could increase the amount you pay monthly to pay off your loan faster than originally planned. Talk with a home loan expert to make sure there are not any clauses or stipulations that would penalize you for paying off your mortgage loan early. If outside situations are making it difficult to make payments, lowering your monthly payment amount through refinancing may be an option as well.
  • Your Future: Our team wants what is best for you. Discussing your future financial plans and life goals will help our team assess what will work best for your next goal.
  • Credit Score: Like interest rates and cash flow, your credit score has the possibility of changing. If your credit score has improved, since the day you received your mortgage loan, you may have the opportunity to lower your monthly mortgage payment.

Benefits of a Mortgage Checkup

A mortgage checkup could result in switching to a loan term that is better suited for you. The meeting could lead to freeing up more of your money, to help you reach your goal such as leveraging your home’s equity to purchase a second home, or building a plan to become mortgage free. No matter the outcome, scheduling a mortgage checkup meeting will give you the peace of mind that you’re either in, will be in, or have found the mortgage loan program that is right for you.

At Commerce Bank of Wyoming, our team of mortgage lenders have the experience to help you choose the best mortgage option, and answer any of your mortgage loan and finance related questions.

What’s NEXT

Connect with a mortgage lender to answer all your questions and help guide you through the process.

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