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It's fast, convenient and simple!

TeleBanc allows you to access your bank account information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply call the Telebanc phone number, follow the prompts and access your account information immediately.

Dial in Anytime, Anywhere

  1. Dial our Telebanc number 1-877-299-2100
  2. Enter the extension number 104 followed by the pound sign (#)
  3. Follow the menu prompts

Once you've entered your confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can:

  • Check the balances for all of your deposit accounts and loans
  • Securely transfer funds between your accounts
  • Review transactions
  • Change your PIN
  • Access investment calculations
  • Verify checks and more!

Contact a Personal Banker to obtain your PIN today!

NOTE: You will be asked for your account number and PIN #