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How an acronym, whiteboard, ceramic piggy bank, and motivational minute fosters our culture


CBWY’s culture defines who we are, what we believe in, and what we work hard to accomplish. Our culture is evident in the way that we interact with each other and within our community. CBWY genuinely cares about our employees, and works to facilitate an environment to help them realize their goals, dreams, and support their passions. One of the ways that we foster our culture is through a weekly meeting to support and recognize each other for upholding our culture in every action and interaction we have with each other and our community. We call this meeting SWACES, an acronym for our culture statements:

S-Service: Exceed the need. Nothing is beyond us.

W-Win: We win through customer growth and loyalty.

A-Attitude: Be humble. Be hungry. Be smart.

C-Community Minded: We are better together, be part of something bigger than yourself.

E-Expertise: Expand knowledge and empower employees.

S-Support: we work as a team; be protective of and value one another.

At our weekly SWACES meeting, everyone has the opportunity to recognize co-workers for their accomplishments, hard work and dedication to our culture in the form of shout-outs, which are then recorded, on our Culture Board.  In addition, each week one person receives the 598 award; a ceramic piggy bank that’s named after our main branch, NebraskaLand Bank’s establishment date.  The 598 award is awarded from the person who received it the week before to a co-worker that is going beyond and living our culture.

The meeting is adjourned after a motivational message from that week’s host. By the end of the meeting, the staff is left feeling inspired and ready to tackle the challenges of what lies ahead. To find out more about CBWY’s culture visit Our Culture page.

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