Getting Familiar With Our New Checking Accounts
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Getting Familiar With Our New Checking Accounts

Checking accounts are an essential part of most consumers banking experiences. Sure, you could hide a wad of cash under your mattress and pull from it as needed, but it’s fair to say that this is not a safe, secure or accountable way to store your hard earned money. A checking account, on the other hand, allows your funds to stay secure with the guarantee of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Plus, the convenience of a checking account and debit card allows you to pay for things when you don’t have any cash on your person.

Checking Accounts That Further Benefit The Community

Why are we going over the basics of a checking account, you ask? We understand that this is common information, but we’re talking about checking accounts because Commerce Bank of Wyoming is excited to introduce our re-branded checking accounts. Our Rock Springs community bank firmly believes that our Community Minded checking accounts will further benefit you as the valued customer. Continue reading to discover what we’ve changed and how our new checking accounts will enhance your banking experience here at Commerce Bank of Wyoming. Do you have questions? Reach out to us here.

Let’s check out what’s new with our Rock Springs community bank.

The Same Services You Know And Love Are Still Here!

Right off the bat, let us assure you that everything you already enjoy and are familiar with about your account will remain the same - guaranteed. We’ve simply given our checking accounts some fantastic new names and added a few key benefits that we think you’ll really take advantage of.

Indeed, all of our checking accounts will continue to offer services like:


  • Special interest rates on Certificate of Deposits
  • Free Debit Card with 24/7 Fraud monitoring services
  • Free online banking services, mobile banking services, and eStatements
  • Free identity theft protection services

So, if you’ve gotten familiar with these services, rest assured that they are still there for you. But what’s new, you ask? We’re glad you’re interested!

Community Minded Checking

Formerly called ‘Budget Checking,’ Commerce Bank of Wyoming has now decided to re-brand this type of account as ‘Community Minded Checking.’ Why? Well, we’re a community-oriented local bank that puts the community first when it comes to your financial needs. In addition to all of the same great benefits of Budget Checking, Community Minded Checking also offers $100 mortgage closing credit3. This free account will still offer no monthly service charge and no minimum balance requirement with free eStatement delivery.

Community Minded Checking That Pays

Our old account ‘Regular Checking with Interest’ has now been rebranded as ‘Community Minded Checking that Pays.’ With this enhanced checking account, you will still continue to earn interest and may choose between paper and electronic statement delivery. Additionally, the account will now offer a $250 mortgage closing credit3 as opposed to the $100 in regular Community Minded Checking. The minimum balance of $1,000.00 will remain the same, and like before, for balances that fall below $1,000.00, there will be a $7.00 per month service charge.

Community Minded Checking That Pays PLUS

But wait, there’s even more for our local Rock Springs community! This account offers everything in our other checking accounts, in addition to these incredible features:

  • Free bill pay1
  • Free foreign ATM transactions2
  • A $500 mortgage closing credit3

By simply maintaining a minimum balance of $5,000.00, you’ll be able to consistently reap all of these benefits through our Community Minded Checking That Pays PLUS. Keep in mind that, for balances that fall below $5,000.00, there is a $10.00 per month service charge.

Your Feedback Matters. Get In Touch With Our Community Bank Today!

Commerce Bank of Wyoming is confident that you’ll enjoy the new benefits of being a checking account customer at our Rock Springs branch location. By banking locally with us, you’re making a wise investment in the community that you call home here in Wyoming. At Commerce Bank of Wyoming, your deposits are reinvested in our community, helping to keep Rock Springs vibrant, growing and a great place to prosper.

Do you have any questions or concerns for us? Get in touch with our bank here.


1Bill Pay is free for active users. A $4.50 fee will be charged to your account per month if inactive for 90 days. 2Commerce Bank of Wyoming will not charge you for a foreign ATM transaction, however, the owner of the ATM may impose a surcharge or fee. 3Closing credit may be used on purchase or refinance of primary residence only.$100 minimum opening deposit for any Commerce Bank of Wyoming checking account.

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