Comm(unity) Shred Day
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Comm(unity) Shred Day

Comm(unity) Shred Day

Shred day is back!  We are happy that so many in our community take the threat of identity theft seriously and continue to shred their physical documents that contain sensitive personal information.  

Our Shred Day event helps highlight the importance of protecting oneself from becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud. Our Community Shred Day event offers free shredding services for personal documents such as bills, banking statements, credit card offers and more.  The public is invited to join us in protecting their identity and sensitive personal information through our secure shredding service.

Keeping our customers, our community and our employee’s safe during our Community Shred Day is our top priority.  Due to the pandemic, we are asking community members to stay in their vehicles, drive thru, and drop off their shred materials. In addition, this year we will not serve lunch. Items to shred can include up to two standard sized boxes of bank statements, scam mailings, and other personal documents.  

Community Shred Day

Wednesday July 22nd

10:30 am- 1:30 pm

Commerce Bank of Wyoming, 1575 Dewar Drive

There are many things that you can do to protect your identity.  Shredding is an easy and fast way to keep you and your family’s identity safe.  For more tips on how to protect your identity, visit our Online Security Center

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